Hotel with Romagna cuisine in Cattolica

We serve the delights and the flavors of Romagna, all rigorously prepared by typical small Romagna expert

Good Day stars in the morning!

We like to pamper you from the early hours of the day, which is why you’ll find croissants, home-made cakes and biscuits, jams, chocolate, yogurt, cereals, fruit juices and much more. Not to forget the traditional Italian beverages are made exclusively with fresh milk and ground coffee beans!


After the sea … that hungry! Sit down at the table and we will serve you…

Every day, at lunch and dinner, you will find a rich buffet of appetizers and vegetables, where will our homemade bread: you can directly choose what you initially enjoyed, get comfortable at the table and, as the appetite comes with eating, you can choose every day from 3 different menu of meat or fish for lunch and dinner! The dishes that will prefer, will be served at the table because we think that at least on Holiday is nice to be served! There will, to conclude in the best way, fresh fruit buffet at lunch and dessert at dinner.


Romagna dinner with the mythical Piadina!

We are in Romagna, the land of good food and the piadina, every Wednesday, our waiters will be prepared to make you. Taste a typical Romagna dinner with piadina accompanied by tasty meats, pasta with meat sauce and roast suckling pig in … to lick mustache!


Gala Dinner

This is Romagna, Romagna is not only the land of piadina but also a place of sea, and then, if you’re a lover of good fish, we’ll help you to design an evening with a special menu of fish or meat. And to round off, some good live music for adults and children.


A cuisine for all

We are aware that many people today are to be constantly confronted with the problem of food intolerance or celiac disease; for them, our chef will prepare special dishes with care but without sacrificing taste … In order to ensure an adequate service to the type of problem, we ask our guests to communicate, already at the time of booking, any problems or food intolerances